Monday, February 17, 2014

Nevada Apostille - Las Vegas

In addition to our California Apostille service, we also provide Apostille service for the State of Nevada.  The two most popular cities are Las Vegas and Reno.

Las Vegas Apostille & Reno Apostille

Common documents we receive for Nevada Apostille service is Marriage License, Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, Power of Attorney, and more.  If your documents requires notarization, be sure to work with a professional notary in Arizona.

You will need to mail-in your original document or a certified copy.  Black and white or scanned/printed documents do not qualify.  If you do not have the documents, you will need to contact the Clark County Clerk in the State of Nevada for assistants.

Apostilles can be complicated costing you time and money.  Please mail-in your document to our office for fast 1-2 day processing.

We also cover Reno Apostille.

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