Sunday, June 10, 2012

How do I get a California Apostille?

How do I get a California Apostille?

Getting a California Apostille for your death, birth, marriage, divorce, diploma and transcripts,  affidavit, and power of attorney is simple.  The first step is to make sure the document you have can be apostilled.  Gather your originals before you call us because we will ask you specific questions concerning the originals you have in your possession.

If anything is missing or incorrect, we'll instruction you on how to contact the the right state agency to help expedite your documents.  This information is crucial because the sooner you can send us the correct document, the sooner we can do our job and overnight your documents back to you.

Okay, once we have agreed that you have the right documents, the next step is to FedEx or UPS your documents to our address.  You'll want to make sure we receive your documents by 10:30am in order to guarantee that we'll either meet with the Secretary of State in Los Angeles that same day or the next business morning.

In most cases, we'll meet with the Los Angeles Secretary of State that afternoon which will allow us to overnight the documents back to your address by 10:30am the next business morning.  Please keep in mind that the Secretary of State office in Los Angeles is not open on weekends or holidays.

Here is a sample of a California Apostille:

You'll want to send us your originals with our California Apostille order form located here:

Obtaining your California Apostille is simple.  Please call us at 1-888-810-4054 or 1-310-876-8489

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