Friday, April 13, 2012

Best Notary in Los Angeles

It's usually the case that only a professional Los Angeles notary can spot a notary who is less experience in the art of proper notarizations.  Simple notary mistakes I notice are usually at the California Secretary of State office in Los Angeles when I'm waiting in line to get a California Apostille for my clients.

A few noticeable mistakes a notary makes are...
1. Not stamping the document with the seal.
2. Not using the correct acknowlegement form.
3. Not writing "Notary Public" after the notaries name.
4. Missing date or signature of the notary.
5. Not attaching the acknowlegement or jurat to the signed page.

It's difficult to see a signer turned away because the notary didn't pay attention to detail or doesn't know how to do a simple notarization correctly. 

I can't say I'm the best notary in Los Angeles but I do feel I'm a very good one.  I've notarized thousands of signatures and have attached thousands of acknowlegements and jurats.  So you can say I'm a very experienced Los Angeles mobile notary.  Not only do I know the art of proper notarization here in Los Angeles, I also provide California Apostille service for documents being sent outside the country.

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