Friday, March 09, 2012

Apostille Service in Los Angeles

Los Angeles notary Authentication and Los Angeles Apostille are two separate services we provide.

Some documents request for a notary seal to be authenticated.  In order for your document to be authenticated by the county clerk, you must meet with a notary who is commission and bonded in the county where you plan to authenticate your documents in.

It's important to work with a Los Angeles notary who understand the process of notarizing your documents correctly.

Apostille service is required for documents traveling outside the United States.  A country which is a member of the Apostille Convention will require the document to be notarized then presented to the Secretary of State.  The secretary of state will inspect the document for accuracy and the notary seal will be verified. At that point, an Apostille will be attached to the document.

If you live in Los Angeles and require an apostille service, please call us at 1-888-810-4054.  We have years of experience notarizing documents and can have your documents notarized ans apostilled within 24 hours.

Our Apostille service number for Los Angeles is 1-888-810-4054.  We're available 8am to 8pm to answer your questions everday. 

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