Monday, January 16, 2012

California Notary Acknowledgement

Do you need a certificate of acknowledgement for your document?  First, if you're notarizing documents in the State of California, it's important to use proper notarial wording.  You can print out the acknowledgment by clicking this link:

California acknowledgements are used to notarize legal documents.  They are either on the same page of the signature page or attached to the signed page if no space is given.  Acknowledgements are proof that the signer appeared before a notary and acknowledged that the signer signed the document.

A notary will then certify under penalty of perjury and will sign stamp the document.  If you are searching for a notary in Los Angeles, call Richard Johnston 888-810-4054.

If you are looking for legal documents, I've created a web-page that lists the most common documents notarized.

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