Thursday, January 19, 2012

California Health Care Directive

Are you looking for a California Health Care Directive?  You can download and print your documents online now, then have a Los Angeles mobile notary come to your location to notarize the document. 

Several calls I receive a day are for requests for legal documents.  Though I'm not in the document preparation business, I've put together a web-page that lists the most requested legal documents for me to notarize.  These documents include; California Health Care Directive, Power of Attorney, Living Trust Documents, and Estate Planning Documents.

You can either visit this link: to download and print the documents mentioned above or contact your local attorney for legal advice.  Once you do have the document, we can travel to your home in Los Angeles and notarize your documents. 

It's important to choose the right notary as some of these forms can be confusing.  For example, a power of attorney will ask the name of the attorney-in-fact and other questions.  As an experienced mobile notary, I call help with making sure the document is as complete as possible.

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