Friday, December 30, 2011

Studio City Notary

Studio City Notary
A popular area we notarize documents daily is in Studio City, CA.  What I like best about Studio City is it's close proximity to Hollywood, West Hollywood, and Universal City.  Most of our clients are consentrated in this area which allows us to provide mobile service quickly and at a very affordable price.
In certain situations, we are asked to notarize a document in a foreign language.  Because a notary is not responsible for the contents of the document,  the document can be in any language.  The notary must be able to communicate with the signer is the same language.  For example, if the signer speaks Armenian and not English, the notary must also be able to speak Armenian. 

As long as the document appears complete and the signer has a valid ID, the document can be notarized.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Manhattan Beach Notary

Do you need a mobile notary in Manhattan Beach, CA?  We have mobile notaries available to assist you today.  Our notaries are also available to notarize in Hermosa Beach, Newport Beach, Torrance, and Santa Monica.

It takes years of experience to become a professional mobile notary in Los Angeles.  Our clients include businesses, celebrities, attorneys, hospitals, banks, and more!   We provide mobile notary service from 8am to 10pm daily.  In certain situations, we maybe able to accommodate you within an hour at no additional cost.

We can notarize your documents even if you don't have an ID.  Our notarized are experienced to handle even the most challenging notary requests.  Signature by mark, no ID, non-english speaking signers, etc... can be handled by our professional mobile notaries.

Call us at 1-310-876-8489 or visit our Manhattan Beach notary site.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hospital Notary Los Angeles

Are you looking for a Hospital notary in Los Angeles?  We specialize in providing mobile notary service to local hospitals in Los Angeles.  We also provide mobile notary service to assisted living homes and convalescent homes in Los Angeles.

It's important to note that a notary must be able to communicate with the signer.  The signer must be aware of what is being signed and be able to answer basic questions concerning the document in question.  For signers who are elderly, additional questions may be asked in order to understand if the signer is lucid.

Lucid is defined as:
1. Easily understood; intelligible.
2. Mentally sound; sane or rational.
We have mobile notaries available for today.  Call us at 888-810-4054.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mobile Notary in Los Angeles

Are you looking for a mobile notary in Los Angeles?  We provide mobile notary service to residents and businesses of Los Angeles.  If you would like to schedule a notary public, call 888-810-4054.  Our notaries are fingerprinted, background-checked, insured, and bonded.

We can get a notary to your location within the hour.  Our notaries service Downtown Los Angeles, Mid-Wilshire, Westwood, Century City, Culver City, Beverly Hills and more! To view a list of cities we notaries documents in visit this link:

Call our mobile notary service at 888-810-4054

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Professional Notary in Los Angeles

What does it really mean to work with a professional notary in Los Angeles?

Working with a professional and knowledgeable notary can make a difference especially when you have important legal documents to notarize.  Not every notary has the knowledge and skill level to notarize documents completely and correctly. 

A professional notary knows the difference between a Jurat and Acknowledgement form and can explain to a signer the difference allowing that person to choose the right form to attach.  An experienced notary will also know how to handle situations where the signer has no ID or if the signer cannot sign (signature by mark).

Hiring the right notary to notarize your documents is especially important if they are time sensitive documents including power of attorneys, advanced health care directives, estate planning documents, and more!

If you're searching for a professional notary in Los Angeles, call 888-810-4054 now.

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