Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sherman Oaks Mobile Notary

We provide mobile notary service to all areas of Sherman Oaks, CA.  We can travel to your home, office, Sherman Oaks hospital, nursing/assisted living home, and even the local coffee shop to notarize your important documents.  Call us at 818-730-4128 or 888-810-4054

There are times where the documents doesn't have any or incorrect notarial wording.  In cases like these, we will attach an acknowledgment or Jurat at your discretion.  We can't recommend which document to attach, so please consult with the right professional to know.  To give you an idea, most notarization are completed with an acknowledgment.

We carry acknowledgements and Jurats with us at all times.  We also secure your document with a seal embosser in order to protect the integrity of the signed page and the attached notarized document. 

We also notarize documents in Encino CA and Studio City CA.  We are full time mobile notaries in Los Angeles.  Call us at 818-730-4128 or 888-810-4054 now.

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