Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cheap Notary in Los Angeles

Cheap Mobile Notary in Los Angeles
You don't have to sacrifice good customer service in order to get a cheap mobile notary to notarize your important documents in Los Angeles.  As a full time mobile notary public in Los Angeles, I offer very reasonable prices to get your documents notarized today. 

A great offer I give signers is that I'll waive the travel fee when a set minimum number of signatures are notarized at a given time.  This money saving offer is great for homeowners who need to sign their  modification agreements, refinance documents, and estate and trust documents.

I've helped save my clients thousands of dollars by not charging a travel fee.  Clients appreciate the fact that I'll save them time, money, and a headache trying to find an inexperienced notary who works at the local store.  I call these inexperienced store notaries "fly-by-night" notaries because they are hired for a job which includes more than just notarization.  Because their pay is low, they usually disappear shortly after being hired and leave the store without a full time notary. 

Call 1-888-810-4054 for a local mobile notary in Los Angeles.  Our prices are very reasonable and travel fee can be waived.  Call for details.

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