Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tarzana Notary

Tarzana Notary

Being a Tarzana notary, I often meet local celebrities who live in Tarzana or Encino who need notarization done at their home.  In most situations, the celebrity doesn't call me but their assistant does.  Celebrities prefer privacy and in most cases their assistant will not tell me who you I'll be notarizing for.

Even though I've sat accross well known celebrities, I do my best to keep focus on why I'm there.  In certain situations, an attorney will be present to oversee the documents.  Though I wish I can give you some names, it's very important I keep the privacy of all my clients.

Tarzana is an exclusive area of the San Fernando Valley.  Many celebrities live in or near Tarzana.  Getting your document notarized in Tarzana is easy.  Call 1-818-730-4128 to schedule a notary in Tarzana.

I also notarize document in Encino, Woodland Hills, and Calabasas. 

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