Friday, September 02, 2011

Notarizing for a Minor in Los Angeles

Notarizing for a Minor in Los Angeles

In many cases, minors do not have satisfactory evidence of identity.  It may be difficult for a notary to establish the minors willingness and awareness to sign the document.  If the minor does not have an acceptable ID, a credible witness who is not the minors parents or guardian should be sufficient.

The minor needs to show willingness to sign and be able to explain the purpose of the document.  The minor should also print his or her age next to their name. 

Documents that require notarization that involves a minor are medical release forms, permission slips, and travel consent.

Unaccompanied Traveling — When traveling without either parent — with a youth group, ministry, or grandparent, for example — minors generally travel with a notarized form of consent signed by both parents granting certain authority to the caregiver or chaperone.

Border Crossing With One Parent — Due to the rise in parental child abductions, countries such as Mexico and the Bahamas now have laws mandating that minors traveling from the U.S. with one parent carry a notarized consent form from the non-traveling parent. Even if the country being visited doesn’t require it, a traveling parent is well advised to carry a notarized consent letter from the absent parent, along with their child’s ID and passport.

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