Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hollywood Notary Public

Hollywood Notary Public

Hollywood, CA - As a traveling notary in Hollywood, CA, I'm presented with all kinds of legal documents to notarize.  It's important to note that a Hollywood notary will need to see a valid form of identification; driver license, US passport, Mexican driver license, Canadian driver license, etc... to establish the identity of the signer.

If you live in Hollywood and don't have an ID and need to have a document notarized, you will need two credible witnesses to identify the signer.   Please call me at 310-876-8489 to answer your questions.

The only difference between a notary in Hollywood and a mobile notary in Hollywood is that a mobile notary will come to your home, office, coffee shop, etc...  Usually their is a small travel fee but this fee can be waived if there are enough documents and/or signers to justify waiving the small travel fee.

It's important to call to receive an instant price quote 310-876-8489 before the notary arrives at your Hollywood home.  

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