Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Glendale Notary Public

City of Glendale Notary Public
I'm a mobile notary public and loan signing specialist serving the Glendale area. As a traveling notary, I've met my clients in restaurants, living rooms, retirement homes, hospital rooms, business offices, television production booths, on college campuses, at the Social Security Office, and even on movie locations. I've performed notarization on dining tables, desks, picnic tables, and occasionally on the trunk of my car. I do many mobile notary signings in the Glendale area, and hope you will give me a call the next time you are looking for a mobile notary public in Glendale, CA.
Here are a few useful tips before calling a Glendale notary:

1. Have your documents ready to be signed.  The document needs to be as complete as possible.
2. All signers who need their signatures notarized must have a valid picture ID (Driver's License).
3. The documents needs to be signed in front of a Glendale notary public.
4. All signers who are to be notarized must be present and ready, willing, and able.

Call 1-888-810-4054 to schedule a Glendale notary now. 

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