Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Los Angeles River - Horibble Smell

If you've driven or walked over the Los Angeles River, you probably have smelled this horrible stench.  What in the world!!!  Is this really a river?  More like an outdoor sewer dumb disguised as a river. The stench is really bad and the smell isn't just when you're close to the river.  I can smell that river 200-300 feet away. 

I mean, I have to cover my mouth when I ride my bike anywhere close to that river.  What in the world can be in that water?  People need to stop dumbing!

If you don't know about the Los Angeles River, click this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Los_Angeles_River

The river generally borders the 101 freeway and starts in the San Fernando Valley.  I wonder which got built first?  The concrete river or the 101 freeway.  Nonetheless, living next to the river or freeway can decrease the value of the home.

Because this is a real estate blog for homes in the San Fernando Valley, I must let you know that if you are thinking of buying a home near the Los Angeles River, you must know that the river has a stench which increases during certain months of the year.  Actually, the river smells bad all year long.  One way to get an idea of how much the river smells is to talk to people who live next to the river.

Generally speaking, homes close to the Los Angeles River are sold at a discount.  When buying a home in the San Fernando Valley, it's important to discuss what situations can lower the price of the home.  You may be buying in a strong seller's market and disregard some potential future issues.  These issues can have a financial effect if you decide to later sell in a buyer's market. 

Please consult with your local real estate agent for professional real estate advice.

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