Monday, September 20, 2010

Los Angeles Notary

It took over three months, but I'm now a Los Angeles certified notary.  Years ago when I applied for my notary license, it took about one month to get my certificate and then order the stamp.  Now, expect about 3-4 months delay. 

I really didn't expect it to take this long.  There was no mention about how long it would take to get our test results, commission number, etc..  Not even the Secretary of State website made a mention to the time frame.  I had to call and ask and most times the number was busy.  I was notified my email about three weeks after I took the notary exam that I had passed.  Expecting to get the documents in the mail within a few weeks, it took another few months.

With all the budget cuts, an alternative would be to raise the price or have those who need their notary license ASAP pay an additional amount.  This way, those notaries will not have to wait as long as the others who may do notary signing a few times a year.

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