Sunday, August 01, 2010

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Credit rescoring can help you qualify for a mortgage
Rapid rescorings by independent, legitimate firms use procedures approved by the three major credit bureaus and can help correct errors or omissions that are dragging down your scores.

Sellers should ensure that condo projects are on approved list for FHA mortgages

Condominium owners who are trying to sell in today’s agonizingly slow housing market should make sure that their community is on the Federal Housing Administration’s approved list. Ditto for someone who is thinking about refinancing a condo
Talking Points

Federal foreclosure-prevention programs have been expanded to encourage delinquent borrowers to avoid foreclosure by streamlining the short-sale process. In the new program, participating lenders now are required to advise eligible sellers of the minimum amount they will accept for the short sale prior to the house being listed for sale. If the seller secures an offer for the agreed price and meets the lender’s terms of the short sale, the lender must approve the proposed sale within 10 days.

Another component of the new streamlined process requires the property to be listed with a licensed real estate professional who works in the community where the property is located. However, homeowners should be aware that because short sales require the bank to accept an amount less than the amount due on the mortgage, lenders may not approve a short sale, even if the price is comparable to recent sales in the neighborhood.

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