Tuesday, July 01, 2008

July 2008 San Fernando Valley Real Estate Newsletter

July 2008 San Fernando Valley Real Estate Newsletter

1. MARKET BOTTOM? Why Smart Home Buyers Are No Longer Waiting To Buy In today's new real estate market the time for hesitation is past. Now is the time for action. To take advantage of the new market, the reality is clear—don't wait... read more.

2. 5 Questions Every Savvy Home Buyer Should Be Asking Now... read more.

3. How To Sell Short Fast - When homeowners find themselves on the short-track to foreclosure, many will choose to sell their homes in a “short-sale” transaction—selling for less than the mortgage amount still owed to the lender. A short sale prevents the owner from going through the trauma of foreclosure and eviction... read more.

4. How To Minimize Interest Rate On Investment Property - With low interest rates and many attractive loan programs available today on residential real estate, now may be the perfect time to buy an investment property or second home. Be aware, though, that lenders charge somewhat higher... read more.

5. Good Credit Behavior Now Rewarded In New FICO Formula - Even as lenders take a closer look at loan applications, the company that developed the model for credit scoring—Fair Isaac Corporation—has decided to modify its formula in a way that will reward responsible borrowers... read more.
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