Thursday, June 19, 2008

Selling Your Home? A Realtor's Perspective

What most home-sellers never see is the exchange of information from real estate agent to real estate agent. Below I'm going to outline what some agents do to the detriment of their seller's which cost the seller time and money.

Making your property available is important especially in today's market. I'm going to highlight what usually will cause the buyer's agent NOT to show your home.

1. Tenant! Need 24 Hours Notice
Problem: 24 hour advance notice required. Tenants rarely take care of the place. Smelly.
Answer: Get the tenant out asap or offer a credit to allow agents access to the property with a courtesy call. Maybe offer to tenant free maid service to keep the place clean and smelling good.

2. Call for Combo Lock Box Numbers
Problem: Listing agent doesn't put the combo code in the MLS and doesn't answer the phone when a buyer's agent calls. The agent will then skip over this home.
Answer: Listing agent puts the combo code in the agent private remarks section. It may sound simple but you'd be surprised.

3. We Update the MLS Daily/Hourly Don't Call for Availability
Problem: The buyer's agent will hesitate to call for fear of being rejected and will usually skip this listing.
Answer: Listing agent welcomes all calls for an update. If the listing agent can't handle the call volume, hire an agent to answer the phone.

4. No Pictures in the MLS
Problem: Buyers will skip over this home and so will agents.
Answer: Get a camera and take some pictures. Rule of thumb: If your home doesn't have pictures online within a few days, I suggest you find another agent asap!

5. Listing Agent Never Picks Up the Phone
Problem: The listing agent never picks up the phone when you call, it goes direct to voicemail.
Answer: The listing agent hires a receptionist to answer the phone so buyer's agent can get info quickly.

6. Make Appointment with the Owner
Problem: The buyer's agent has to call the owner and make an appointment. With so many properties on the market, guess what's going to happen?
Answer: Make your property available and place a lock box on the door.

The bottom line is, if agents can't communicate with the listing agent quickly or show the home quickly, then your home is going to continue to sit on the market while other homes sell quickly. Also, be sure you are working with a Realtor who knows what their doing.
Written by: Richard Johnston, RE/MAX

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