Saturday, January 26, 2008

Credit Score & Credit Repair in Los Angeles

I know many home-buyers usually like to look months before they actually buy a home, so it's important to know what the credit scores are and also how to fix any inaccuracies that may exist. It's not easy getting a loan as it was 6 months ago here in the Los Angeles County area.

Having a good job, excellent credit, and some money down can make the difference between getting a great loan, expensive loan, or no loan at all. The rule of thumb when searching for your home is not to search first, but to get pre-approved first.

You definitely don't want to find your dream home and later find out that no lender will loan you the money to buy. Just imagine how heart broken you will be. To save yourself from this tragedy, I suggest everyone to not only know their credit scores, but to monitor their credit report daily.

Here are a few links I can recommend: Credit Report & Monitoring Service. **FREE TRIAL **

What's your FICO Score

A great credit repair service for Los Angeles County is Lexington Law. They can help improve your credit report by repairing your credit reports legally and affordably. - Start repairing your credit for only $39 a month.

Repair your credit - Increase your score

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