Saturday, October 13, 2007

My Favorite Cities in the San Fernando Valley

Out of all the areas in the San Fernando Valley, here is a list of my favorite cities and the best part of the area to own a home in:

1. Toluca Lake - Living anywhere in Toluca Lake is great. But if you happen to live near the Lake in Toluca, it's better. And let's not forget the Lakeside Golf Club. Toluca Lake has the least amount of foreclosures. So that tells you the place rocks. The entertainment industry is right there so you'll be bumping into actors and acctresses all the time.

2. Studio City - Buying a condo or Townhouse in Studio City is excellent. Your close to the entertainment industry, Ventura blvd, and the westside. Homes south of the blvd are at a premium and this is one of the most expensive neighborhoods to live in the San Fernando Valley. I can consider Studio City the epicenter of the Valley. The closer you get, the more expensive homes are. If I had a choice to live anywhere in the Valley, it would be Studio City.

3. Burbank - I would only consider buying a home in Burbank which bordering Toluca Lake and east of the 5 freeway. If I was to live in Burbank, I would stay as close as possible to Toluca Lake. Keep in mind Burbank has an airport so be sure when you search for a home, your not buying in the direct path of the airplanes.

4. Sherman Oaks (where I currently live) - I love Sherman Oaks. This place rocks. Any home south of Burbank Blvd is great if you ask me but homes south of Ventura Blvd sell at a premium. Beverly Hills is on the other side of the mountain and it only takes 10 minutes to get there by street.

5. Encino - Any home south of Ventura Blvd is great. Some people call Encino the Beverly Hills of the Valley but I would like to think of Encino as a great place to build a big home. If I was looking to buy a large home and have a large flat lot, I would buy in Encino.

6. Tarzana - You get more bang for your buck in Tarzana. If I was to live in Tarzana I would only consider homes south of Ventura Blvd. If you want to really see what Tarzana has to offer, drive south on Reseda Blvd past Ventura Blvd and take a look at some of the new homes their building. The reason you get more bang for your buck, is because Tarzana is the farthest from Studio City.

If your unfamiliar with the Valley, you can visit The Valley of The Stars.

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