Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Staging Your Home

Why You (May) Need a Stager
By Barbara Gordon
Courtesy: California Association of Realtors

Your home is a treasure trove of your family's personal memories. That's a wonderful thing...unless you're putting your home on the market.

Prospective home buyers, it seems, don't want to see your family's photos and possessions. In fact, they want to see a somewhat depersonalized presentation of your home, which allows them to envision their belongings in your home (sorry) and psychologically move in.

How do you accomplish that? Staging.

Staging is not a new concept, but it's a trend that is gaining in popularity because it has become instrumental to selling homes. In fact, the AT&T Yellow Pages recently added a new heading "Real Estate Staging Service."

Staging Basics
Home staging prepares a home for sale, regardless of its price or location. By accentuating your home's most saleable qualities and minimizing its weaker points, a stager adds a cosmetic "lift" to the property's image and maximizes its sales appeal. Essentially, a stager makes your home attractive to the largest generic audience, enhances a buyer's first impression, and sets the stage for a fast, top-dollar sale.

Statistics suggest a staged house can sell as much as 17 percent higher than an unstaged house, and often sells in half the time.

The cost of professional staging varies according to the amount of elements required. In California, prices range from $200 for a consultation with recommendations to $2,000 to stage a home with multiple cluttered rooms, install furniture and accessories, and provide other extensive services.

Typical Staging Services:
  • Simple home repairs.
  • General cleanup and clutter removal.
  • Landscaping improvements to increase curb appeal.
  • Paint changes.
  • Rearrangement or removal of existing furniture and accessories.
  • Addition of rental furniture and accessories.

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