Wednesday, February 21, 2007

No Need to Pay Big Bucks for Copy of Deed

Save home buying clients a few dollars and warn them about a scam that is making the rounds.

New home buyers get an official-looking letter in the mail telling them that it is important to have a certified copy of their property deed. Consumer Reports warns that the companies selling these services use high-pressure sales tactics and charge as much as $100.

Chances are the buyers will get a copy of their deed at closing, but if they don’t, all they have to do is contact their county clerk or registrar’s office. The charge for a copy is less than $10. In some places, they can look at and print a non-certified copy of their deed from the Internet for free., Marshall Loeb (02/17/2007)

Richard's notes.... After you have purchased a home, expect to receive an avalanche of advertisements from companies selling everything from refinancing your home loan, copies of documents, furniture, etc... Some documents make look official and ask you to send in money. Before you do, contact your real estate agent or escrow officer if there is a document in question.

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